Most office fires start from electrical equipment catching fire and unfortunately many businesses lose important data because computers, laptops and servers get completely destroyed. If you do not back up your data in a separate or remote location then your complete business could go up in smoke, not only this but any employees lives would be put at risk.
If you don’t have sufficient fire safety in place for electrical’s at your workplace then maybe consider a few options below.
Initially areas where people are working are most important, anyone operating a PC, laptop, server or printers should have a portable CO2 extinguisher easily accessible. These electrical’s are particularly dangerous because they can get hot very quickly, they are also very powerful components and should not share power adapters or extensions. The extinguishers come in different sizes but a 2kg or 5kg model would be suitable for an office. The best place for them is near the electrical equipment or by fire exits so everyone knows where they are.
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