XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 Repairs

XBOX360 & PS3 Console Repair

Has your Xbox 360 is suffered from “Red Ring of Death (RROD)” or if your Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) suffered from the “Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)”?

We can definitely help. We can  Reball or Reflow your Xbox 360 or Playstation to the very highest standards, way above the  industry standards utilising the latest Dark Infrared Rework IR and AIR technology.

At needpcrepair  we  use Arctic Silver or Gold Standard thermal paste. Once we have reballed or reflowed your GPU and reattached it your console. It is then thoroughly tested and cleaned before returned.

The majority of  PS3 & XBOX faults can be traced to bad solder connections!

Contact Us if your PS3 or XBox has any kind of light or beep issues, Freezing or fails to load.

Do not be fooled by people offering quick fix services.

We specialise in reballing  PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360  BGA platform. For those unfamiliar with this, BGA is short for Ball Grid Array. This is a chip specific grid pattern of hundreds sometimes thousands of little solder balls. These balls electrically and electronically connect the computer chips to the circuit board, Through hours of gaming these connections undergo many heating and cooling cycles which creates enormous stress. This stress can and often does, lead to inevitable hairline fractures and bridging.

This is the major causes of the Yellow Light of Death on the Playstation, often accompanied by the plethora of other symptoms. We offer a professional reballing service which eliminates these issues. Do not be fooled by people offering quick fix services all of those fixes posted on the internet are temporary at best and you risk  permanently damaging your system further with so called quick fixes leave it to the professionals. Our services address the root of these hardware failures and recifies them.

Check our BGA Reworking page for more info


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