BGA Rework Norwich

BGA Rework and Reballing

Since 2007 manufactures have been forced to use Lead Free solder when building there products. This causes issues for all new gadgets of today.

Lead free solder is very temperamentle to thermal stress, Constant heat and cooling cycles causes stress and eventually leads to cracks within the solder joints,unfotunately these cracks are usually located under or within bga components, making it very hard to get to and fix.



Equiptment that is prone to BGA Failure

  • HP laptops
  • IBM Thinkpads Laptops
  • Playstation 3 Consoles
  • Playstation 4 Consoles
  • Xbox Consoles,
  • Sony Vaio laptops
  • Compaq Laptops
  • Apple MACBooks
  • Acer Laptops
  • PC Motherboards
  • Hi End Graphics Cards
  • Even Smartphones

Here at needpcrepair, we have the knowledge and equipment to repair these issues at the highest level,
we can reball and re-weld any BGA chip down to 0.3mm. Talk about precision engineering!

The Process

  1. Remove All outer casing of product down to board level.
  2. Clean off excessive dust and wipe with alchohol
  3. Maintaining precise heat profiles, while protecting other components
  4. Remove the BGA Chips from the circuit boards using hi tech Dark Infrared machinery
  5. Clean off Lead Free solder from BGA Chip and circuit board
  6. Replace the minute solder balls with leaded solder.
  7. Re-Weld to the circuit board using the same specialist equipment.
  8. Apply either Gold Standard or Arctic silver thermal past for better heat transfer

Replacing the chips with leaded solder increases the life span of your equiptment as it is not as succeptable to heat cycles as lead free solder

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